Should you use VoIP or a Business Phone System to Track SEO Efforts?

One of the reasons our team got into SEO and online lead generation a decade ago, is due to the fact that every marketing strategy is trackable. Back in the day, businesses bought print advertisements and hoped they would work. Today, just about every click on your site can be tracked via programs like Google Analytics, Google My Business insights, SEMrush, Serpbook and other popular SEO tracking tools.

A great method of tracking leads is through call tracking. Call tracking for SEO basically involves tracking your website’s activity and lead sources by a unique phone number. A simple way to do this, is to assign unique phone numbers to each digital marketing strategy. For example, let’s say you are testing different landing page conversions coming from a Google Adwords campaign. You would want to have unique phone numbers for each separate campaign. Why? Well, then you are able to track exactly which landing page is providing the highest click through and conversion rate. To simplify this concept, the campaigns might look something like this:

  • Landing Page A: (333) 222-1111
  • Landing Page B: (333) 222-1112
  • Landing Page C: (333) 222-1113
  • Landing Page D: (333) 222-1114

By doing this, and tracking how most of your leads are coming in, you can modify your strategy to increase leads. If this is a Google Adwords campaign, and Landing Page C is getting the most lead generation calls, then you know to increase your budget on that specific campaign.

How to Add Call Tracking For SEO

Many SEO experts use a program called Call Rail, which is great. However, if your business has even a small team, you might want to look into VoIP, SIP and phone system services. This way, you can utilize not only call tracking for SEO purposes, but can also add important phone and communication features to your internal and external phone and communications systems.

Our team prefers a company called Sunrise Solutions that offers VoIP, SIP, online conferencing, etc. This way we not only have our own internal phone system, but can add unique phone numbers for clients and their specific campaigns, be they PPC or SEO campaigns. Sunrise Solutions provides a free business phone systems guide to help business owners and decision makers learn about various phone systems and their features. These days, phone systems are incredibly affordable and are usually cheaper than going through your cell carrier like Sprint, Verizon, etc.

What phone system do you use for SEO tracking?