Iexperiencing Founder Explains New Educational Platform

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The following article about iExperiencing was written by its Founder, Er Amber Anand

I am the Founder of an Educational platform which I named Iexperiencing is a platform where people can gain new skills and acquire knowledge quickly and easily. From the time we are born, we continue learning new things. We learn to walk, communicate and how to love someone. As a Computer Science Engineer by profession, I started building this website right before my graduation because I love learning new things! Experiences, guidance and skills are among important factors that play a crucial role in one’s life. Experience is something which turns into a more valuable asset over time. I wanted to harness the knowledge people have acquired and share it through this site, in an effort to help other’s acquire knowledge and perhaps even be inspired to turn that knowledge into experiences in the future.

“I named my venture as Iexperiencing because you will get to experience things and acquire new knowledge through a digital platform”

You can find free quality learning resources such as – blogs, video tutorials, journal articles and learning tools which I have collected from around the world. The website is updated weekly with the new learning resources. From DIY categories and entrepreneurship to learning about pottery and magic, you one can find most of the major categories on the website. I feel strongly that if dream up an innovative idea that might work well, then you should start learning as much as you can about it. Simply stick to your basic idea and keep on improvising through ongoing learning and education.  If you are interested in acquiring knowledge through my site, the blog  is really helpful. It covers many different professions and skills sets that may help inspire you or shed some light on a subject that interests you!