Mini Consulting Sessions Over Coffee

What’s a Coffee Jam Session?

Coffee jam sessions are customized, mini-consulting sessions for the busy business owner or entrepreneur. These consulting sessions are 1-2 hours long, and include tailored content learning of the client’s choice. Perhaps you want to understand how to implement basic SEO on your own website, learn how to create a content calendar, install Google Analytics or set up a paid search advertising campaign on Facebook. A coffee jam session could be for you! These individualized digital marketing consulting sessions are for self-starters who would rather learn how to do something than have an agency do it for them.

Ready to get started and book your first coffee-jam session?

Why Book A Coffee Jam Session?

  • Learn to Update Your Own Website

    Use a coffee jam session to gain a better understanding of the back end of your website and how to update it.

  • Digital Strategy Brainstorming

    Brainstorm ideas and bounce your projected digital strategies off a seasoned digital marketer.

  • Learn the basics of SEO

    Gain a better understanding of Search Engine Optimization and how to do the basics yourself.